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Soup of the day with brown bread €6




€10 - choose 1 or 2 salads *

roasted vegetables, couscous,cumin, turmeric, coriander, spiced yogurt, toasted almonds, roasted harissa oil

**spiced red quinoa, cherry tomatoes ,red onions, beetroot, parsley, bharat dressing, walnuts

*greek salad - feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, red onions, vine tomatoes, mint

*chickpeas, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, fresh coriander, cumin, olive oil

*dockland coleslaw - red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, red onions, parsley, lemon, mayo, Greek yogurt

*roasted broccoli, sundried tomatoes,fresh chillies, garlic, roasted harissa oil, toasted almonds

add chicken €11.50/ poached salmon €12 /add honey glazed ham €11.50




*honey glazed ham + cheese toastie, french fries + mixed leaves €10.50

*creamy baltimore mushrooms on toasted sourdough, tarragon, lemon, parmesan, rocket leaves €9.50

*crispy buttermilk chicken burger, lemon, yogurt herb slaw, chipotle mayo, chips €13

*chicken Caesar salad on toasted garlic sourdough, chive oil, parmesan cheese €11

*west Cork crab crostini, lime, fresh chillies, chives, chive oil, smoked salmon, mixed leaves €14




*dockland fish cakes, watercress mayonnaise, wilted spinach, red pepper relish €14

*chargrilled chicken, tomato fondue, gubbeen chorizo, basil pesto, olive mash €14

*spiced lentil, sweet potato dhal, basmati rice, poppadum crisps, yogurt €12.50

*beer batter fish + chips, tartare sauce €15

*clonakilty blackpudding salad, rustic potatoes, caramelised apples, crispy lardons, mustard honey dressing €13

*chargrilled minute steak, carmelised onions, rocket, pepper sauce, french fries €16

*morroccan spiced lamb burger, greek salad, toasted chickpeas, spiced aioli, fries €14

*chickpea, coriander, sesame seed, cumin, fresh chilli falafel burger €13

spiced turmeric, mustard seed yogurt, spiced carmelised onions, Waterford blaa, french fries




clementine almond cake, caramelised clementines, cream €6

cookies + cream cheesecake, €6.30

espresso chocolate parfait, Jameson whiskey caramel sauce €6.30

chocolate truffle torte, pistachios, rose petals €6.30

marshmallow meringue roll, lemon curd,cream, pomegranate passionfruit syrup, toasted almonds €6.30

plate of Irish cheese €7

SIDES - €3.50 - chips, salad leaves, roasted vegetable couscous, chargrilled broccolli salad, creamy mash



Please note we cannot change dishes during busy times

minimum charge of €5.80 per person for lunch between 12pm - 2pm




bowl of marinated olive €4

Baltimore Shiitake mushrooms, portabello mushroom crostini €6 -  cream, tarragon, parmesan, porcine dust

Toulouse sausage bruschetta €6 - tomato chilli jam, roasted red onions, mustard mayo, honey mustard dressing

chargrilled tender stem broccoli caesar salad, toasted hazelnuts, parmesan crumble, parmesan cheese €6

baked ardsallagh goats cheese, red peppers, sundried tomato dip €5.50 - chilli flakes, toasted sourdough bread cheese croquettes €6

roasted vegetable couscous, roasted harrissa oil, zaatar, toasted almonds €6

roasted aubergine, macroom mozzarella, tomato fondue bake, parmesan, pesto €6

crispy almond calamari, chipotle mayonnaise €8

dockland dirty fries €6.50 - garlic saffron aioli, roasted harrissa oil, olives, jalapeños, mozzarella

west cork crab crepe, lemon, cream, chives, parmesan €12

clonakility black pudding salad €12 crispy bacon lardons, crispy potato skins, carmelised apples, honey mustard dressing

baked king prawns, garlic, chillies, olive oil, garlic sourdough €13




crispy duck confit €18 - rosemary, cream, flageolet beans, rustic potatoes, green beans, red wine sauce

dockland fish cakes €16 - watercress mayonnaise, wilted spinach, mixed pepper salsa

spiced lentil + sweet potato dhal, spinach, basmati rice, poppadum crisps, yogurt €16

Thai green chicken curry, basmati rice, cucumber mint salad €18

chargrilled sumac spiced lamb steak €21 - roasted vegetable couscous, mint yogurt, roasted harrissa oil, toasted almonds

fish of the day € market price

chargrilled chicken, tomato fondue, gubbeen chorizo, basil pesto, olive mash €18.50

baked hake €23 - gremolata + parmesan crust, piperade, tomatoes, black olives, cream, basil, creamy mash

chickpea, coriander, sesame seed, cumin, fresh chilli falafel burger €16 - spiced turmeric, mustard seed yogurt, spiced carmelised onions, Waterford blaa, french fries

slow roasted crispy belly of pork, fennel seeds €23 - cider, cream + rosemary, creamy mash, clonakility blackpudding, carmelised apple

chargrilled ribeye steak €26.95 - pepper sauce, carmelised onions, french fries, mixed leaves




onion rings €3

french fries €3.50

mixed leaf salad €3.50

basmati rice €3.50

creamy mash €3.50




*lismore food company chocolate apple crisps €4

*clementine almond cake, carmelised clementines, softly whipped cream €6.50

*espresso chocolate parfait, Irish whiskey sauce €6.50

*mince pies, cream €6.30

*cookies + cream, white chocolate cheesecake, chocolate sauce €6.50

*chocolate truffle torte, pistachios, rose petals €6.50

*marshmallow meringue roll, vanilla cream, lemon curd, pomegranate passionfruit syrup, almonds €6.30

*plate of Irish cheese €7.50